Klook​-​Kwartet Live at Mr. T's Bowl

by Dan Clucas



Mr. T's Bowl on Figueroa in Highland Park was home for a lotta Eastside L.A. musicians in the 90's and 00's. It would be an exercise in futility to attempt to encapsulate even a sliver of the things, musical and otherwise, that happened there, some curious, some frightening, most just plain good. "T.'s", as the cognoscenti called it, still exists as a venue and we all wish it well, but admittedly the magic began to fade with the passing of Joe "Mr. T." Teresa, a man who was loved, respected, and, only if you disrespected him, his business or his friends (which atypically included us, the musicians), feared.
I played at T.'s dozens, maybe over a hundred times in various contexts, and my colleagues on this recording can boast the same. This night at the T Bowl (as the cognoscenti also called it) was not especially different from others, if my memory doesn't fail me. I don't remember who else was on the bill but they probably rocked. At any rate if they came on after the Klookwartet that night they would have had to. And with mainstay soundguy Arlo (the heart and soul behind the T Bowl vibe) at the board, you knew it was gonna sound good.
Vince Meghrouni and Brian Christopherson are two of my dearest and longstanding compatriots, and their performances on this recording speak for themselves. Dave Culwell has drifted into my musical life at seemingly all the right times, this being one of them. His playing is stellar.
Enough words! Enjoy the music.

Dan Clucas, 5/30/11


released May 30, 2011

The Klook-Kwartet:
Dan Clucas - trumpet, flute
Vince Meghrouni - tenor and alto saxophone, flute
Dave Culwell - double bass
Brian Christopherson - drums

Recorded at Mr. T's Bowl on March 7, 2004 by Mike Geyser.
All compositions by Dan Clucas, Highland Rock Music
Cover design by Dan Clucas



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